Two competitive races, two Republican winners in 2014

Two competitive races, two Republican winners in 2014

To say this year has been great for Colorado is an understatement.  Republicans seized the majorities in the Colorado State Senate and U.S. Senate, serving as a stop-gap for crazy legislation from the left.  Some blogs pick their favorite posts.  We let you vote with your views.  Here are the top ten most-read articles from 2014.  We think they represent a great snapshot of what happened this year.

Thanks for making this year the most successful yet – we love you.

10. Personhood never had a chance – stop with the scare tactics, Planned Parenthood.

Those “vote no” Amendment 68 ads were confusing at best as Planned Parenthood tried its best to convince Colorado that Amendment 68, this year’s personhood bill would pass.  The scaremongers refused to produce polling to back up their claims – proving what we knew all along that the left was desperately using this issue to try to scare women into voting for Democrats.

9. That time Eli Stokols swallowed whole the left’s talking points and looked like a clown (sorry Eli).

We know you might be wondering which particular instance we’re talking about – it happens more than (we assume) he’d like to admit.  KDVR’s Eli Stokols decided to go with cheap sensationalism in a February story on the Aurora shooting tragedy in which Sen. Bernie Herpin wondered if it was a good thing that James Holmes had a 100-round magazine as it was his only ammunition and it jammed. Herpin was echoing a sentiment by a victim’s family.  Stokols was all too eager to jump on Herpin.  We set the record straight (so did the rest of #copolitics who heaved a collective WTF at him).

8. Read the job description, Betsy.

Remember that time when Democratic candidate for State Treasurer Betsy Markey couldn’t define a basic financial concept? This is definitely an awkward moment worthy of the top ten list. This gaffe only foreshadowed her massive loss to State Treasurer Walker Stapleton.

7. Does Hick think we don’t have roads, too?

All-knowing Governor John Hickenlooper lamented the lack of appreciation of rural Coloradans for his efforts to raise their energy costs with an unrealistic renewable energy mandate.  Maybe 2015 will be the year that rural Coloradans finally learn to appreciate government subsidies from rural families to Hick’s green buddies.

6. Team Udall tried to fudge Obamacare numbers.

Former U.S. Senator Mark Udall tried to cover for Obamacare’s failures by bullying the Colorado Division of Insurance into changing the reported numbers of cancelled insurance policies in Colorado. Forget diplomatic: this encounter was “very hostile.” This was really the beginning of the end for our doomed Senator.

5. Jared Polis’ hell on earth looks like everyman’s idyllic country home.

Rep. Jared Polis’ melodramatic rant about the tragedy of a new fracking well is funny enough by itself, but when you see an actual picture of the offending monstrosity, you’ll understand why this post made the top ten posts of 2014. Of course, then there’s the issue of his lies about a guest house and potential tax implications.

4. Meet John Morse, Colorado’s Sorest Loser.

After his own recall, former Democratic Senate President John Morse hilariously set up a committee to tighten recall regulations. Nobody likes a sore loser.

3. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Superintendent Stevenson.

While Jefferson County School Board Superintendent Cindy Stevenson used her planned retirement to create animosity between the new reform board and pro-union forces, we reported the truth. Instead of a forced departure, Stevenson was offered a new job and wiggled her way out of her Jeffco contract.  Nice try.

2. Liar, liar pants on fire. Sen. Udall whitewashes his arrest in the 70s.

We caught Senator Mark Udall red-handed in a lie to cover up the severity of his 1973 drug arrest. Conveniently, he never mentioned the months-long legal battle, seizure of his car, probation time, or transportation of amphetamines.  Ooops.  Maybe he should have checked his privilege.

1. Liar, liar pants on fire. Again. Team Udall lied about his opponent’s record.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.  Senator Udall’s press team, led by spox Chris Harris, falsely claimed that Rep. Cory Gardner voted against a bill that the senator-elect actually supported. In fact, Udall even praised Gardner’s efforts at the time. Ooops.

Photo credit: Starboard Facebook page