PeakNation™, remember that day last summer when Rep. Jared Polis’ life fell apart?  When the universe took a collective crap on his life, and everything good about it came crashing down?

No?  Neither do we.  But, according to the melodramatic video Jared made about it, we can watch it over and over again.  We’ve pulled out some of our favorite quotes below.

“…basically there’s just a huge drilling operation like right in our driveway.”

“…I thought this would be a family, you know, place for decades or generations.  Um, that was what my hope was, and, uh, you know, doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.  It’s now in the middle of an industrial zone, a mining zone[?].  Couldn’t be any closer, it’s right at the foot of the driveway as a reminder every time you come and leave of what’s happened to the neighborhood.”

“THAT IS, THAT’S THE OIL RIG, that’s the drilling rig right there… I mean look at that thing.  This is like, um, basically we’re living in an oil zone now.  So look at this, there’s like, this is, this is my, this is my detached garage and guest house right here.  Right here.  That’s our storage shed.  This is the drilling rig.”

“It’s done. It’s over. This part of our Colorado dream is over.”

“It’s too late for us… and this place will never be the same.”

“For better or for worse, you know, I think that the universe here has conspired to help make me a poster boy for the face of fracking… now I have the personal story of how it’s impacted my family…”


The follow-up to this video is a picture of what the fracking well looks like now, posted last night on Twitter.


Look at that monstrosity!  Indeed, Jared Polis’ Colorado dream is over!  Now, would he be polite enough to move out of state?