Colorado Democrat have finally figured out how to resolve the dangerous and unmanageable side effects of President Biden’s open border policy problem — they’re censoring lawmakers and legislation.

Lefty legislators have issued a list of banned words that cannot be used in legislation, during debate, or spray painted on the side of the Capitol during Peaceful Protests™.

Poof. Problem gone.

When Democrats controlled Congress, they stopped using the phrase illegal alien claiming the term was associated with hate groups, according to the censorship memo.

So now Colorado Dems are acting like high school language monitors and censoring a whole list of words.

Their actions are so egregious, even the woke Denver Post published a critical commentary on the front page of its website:

Somebody give the Democratic majority in the Colorado General Assembly a copy of the Bill of Rights, large print if available, and underline the First Amendment with a sharpie.

For the second time this year, they have forgotten they cannot prohibit speech or coerce it from their peers, constituents, or anyone else.

Most of the offending words and phrases were never used in legislation or debate, it’s just Democrats being nasty.

But now lawmakers are no longer allowed to say “illegal,” “undocumented,” or illegal alien.”

Thank God legislators can still use words like lawbreaker — a person who illegally crosses the border. And criminals; people who break laws.

The word “squatter” is an 18th century term that describes a person who lives on land to which they do not hold title.

The word has nothing to do with immigration but is used nowadays to describe someone living in a house or apartment without permission or paying rent.

And apparently, Democrats don’t think there is an invasion at the border.

Just Taylor Swift fans lining up for a concert.

Democrats have taken to their fainting couches on several occasions this session over the proper use of the English language.

The Gazette reports on the most recent example that apparently triggered the creation of the dirty words list:

On Saturday, Rep. Ron Weinberg, R-Loveland, spoke of his own experience as an immigrant, labeling himself as an “illegal alien,” during a discussion on House Bill 1280, which seeks to create a grant program for organizations to provide services for immigrants.

Democrats declined to comment on their over-reaction.

Meanwhile, Peak has re-examined its own policy on what term should describe the horde millions and millions and millions of people crashing America’s border both illegally and legally under Biden’s asylum scam and will henceforth refer to those humans as Biden’s Border Crossers.