“They told me he was supposed to be good at his job.”

Is it time for Sen. Mark Udall to add another press person?  One would think between the three he already has, they wouldn’t commit the kind of mistakes you would expect from a dog catcher’s campaign.  Today, in a completely epic fail, Udall’s spokesman Chris Harris, a Kansas City via Washington D.C. transplant unleased this blatant lie:

.@CoryGardnerCO voted AGAINST bill to re-open government that included $450 million for flood relief. http://t.co/JWdg86ABwA #copolitics

— Chris Harris (@chris_p_harris) August 15, 2014


The problem is that Gardner not only voted for that bill, but he was also one of the major advocates pushing it.  Udall even praised Gardner in a press release on the bill.  Don’t worry PeakNation™, plenty of screenshots out there of this one just in case Harris wants to go back and delete his boneheaded, blatant lie.

How bad is Udall’s spokesman’s mistake?  The entire Colorado Left took to twitter in full damage mode shortly after it went out, trying to spin this a hundred ways and distract.  Perhaps if Udall had a record he could run on, his campaign spokesman would have to resort to such extremes to try to help his boss.  Instead, now Harris not only looks like he’s trying to exploit the tragedy of last year’s floods for political gain, now he has to explain why his own boss praised Gardner on this bill.  From Udall’s own press release:

Colorado U.S. Senators Mark Udall and Michael Bennet, Congressmen Ed Perlmutter, Jared Polis, and Cory Gardner, Governor John Hickenlooper, and local officials gathered today in Coal Creek Canyon to highlight the emergency transportation funding newly available to help rebuild and repair roads, bridges, and highways damaged in recent flooding…

…While Washington shut down, Colorado’s Congressional delegation — House members and Senators, Democrats and Republicans — worked together to secure a provision to lift the cap on how much emergency transportation funding Colorado can access. The delegation spent weeks urging their colleagues to pass the measure. It was included in the Senate’s bipartisan agreement to end the shutdown and avoid a default. [the Peak‘s emphasis]

Udall’s office even goes on to quote Gardner later in the press release.

What to make of all of this?  That full desperation is setting in on Udall’s campaign.  Millions of dollars in attack ads against Gardner has yet to move the needle at all in the race, so Udall’s campaign has moved on to the exploitation of last year’s devastating floods that ravaged Colorado.  It must be all too easy for an out-of-stater like Harris to make political hay from those tragic rains that destroyed too many Coloradans lives.  For Udall to be okay with this guy being the mouthpiece of his campaign just shows how there is nothing off-limits for Udall when it comes to the pursuit of his political ambitions.