In what will surely be a story that comes back to haunt him, Eli Stokols of KDVR has created a whole story out of taking a quote by state Senator Bernie Herpin out of context.

In testimony today, on a bill to repeal the 15-round magazine limit passed by Colorado Democrats this year, state Senator Bernie Herpin wondered if it might have been a blessing in disguise that James Holmes choose to go with one 100-round magazine instead of several smaller-round magazines as his one 100-round magazine jammed.

In fact, Herpin isn’t alone in this thought as a letter from the mother of one Holmes’ victims asked the very same thing.

Yet, when it came time for reporter Eli Stokols to file his story, he chose to start it like this:

Republican state Sen. Bernie Herpin raised the ire of an Aurora theater shooting victim’s father when he claimed that it might have been “a good thing” that gunman James Holmes had a 100-round magazine when he opened fire and, ultimately, killed 12 people.

As a reader, you would have to wait 11 paragraphs and a box of the audio before Stokols decided to give the complete context of the quote.  And, only, then, when it came in the transcript.

Stokols’ fellow press members were not as capricious with their take on the quote, as Kurtis Lee from The Denver Post puts the entire quote into context by the second paragraph, and Megan Schrader from The Gazette even went as far as to call Stokols out:

Peter Marcus also put Herpin’s comments in context:

C’mon Eli, Dems’ don’t need a new spox.  Sherry isn’t gone yet.