Senate Majority Leader John Morse, speaking to the Colorado Springs Gazette yesterday, made possibly one of the dumbest comments ever uttered by a State Senator in Colorado history. 

In responding to an ethics complaint filed by the Colorado Government Accountability Project over his fraudulent per diem payments, Morse said about the people behind the complaint: “If I were a private citizen, I would own these peoples' homes.”

Let's just let that sink in.

A legislative leader is threatening peoples' homes for seeking an investigation into what appears to be illegal behavior of a public official.

We really are almost speechless.

This public thuggery cannot and will not be tolerated by the people of Colorado.

They have the right to seek information on how their tax dollars are being spent, and have the right to seek justice if they feel there is misuse or fraud occuring with their hard earned dollars.

The fact that a public official would threaten a citizen of Colorado over filing an ethics complaint astounds us. 

If taking per diem while playing golf and attending fundraisers wasn't enough for most of the mainstream media to cover this story, surely public threats against Colorado citizens is enough to merit some investigation.