The Senate Majority Leader John Morse per diem story has hit the proverbial fan in the last 12 hours, with Morse threatening the home of Stephanie Cegielski of the Colorado Government Accountability Project for filing an ethics complaint over his per diem payments. For a history of Colorado Peak Politics reporting on this story, you can find a timeline here:

February 26 — Cookie Jar, Meet John Morse's Hand

March 2 — Earth to Capitol Press Corps: Morse is a Per Diem Cheat

March 3 — So That's How He Paid for the Passion Pit

March 7 — A Tale of Two Politicians

March 9 — John Morse Has 99 Problems and an Ethics Investigation is One

March 10 — Accountability for 'Accountability' and the John Morse Smoking Gun

March 11 — Morse Per Diem Scandal Now Shaffer's Political Cross to Carry

March 15 — BREAKING: Morse Collected Per Diem While Playing Golf, Attending Fundraisers in 2010

March 17 — Arrogance, Thy Name is John Morse