The push for a full blown investigation into Senator John Morse claiming per diem during junkets and golf trips has a new and surprising ally: Senator John Morse.

Back in 2008, John Morse requested an investigation into whether District Attorney John Newsome committed a Class 5 felony by abusing per diem and travel expenses during a work trip.

He wrote to the Chief of Police to demand an investigation into Newsome's actions and request that charges be filed against Newsome. The alleged illegal act was that Newsome took per diem and travel expenses on days when he wasn't fully engaged in official business. 

From Morse's letter to Chief Richard Myers:

“It appears to me that they left the meter running and billed the taxpayers accordingly-to the tune of continuing to claim that they were due per diem for Saturday while attending a football game and attending to no government business and Sunday, as a travel day…When corporate executives travel personally on the corporate dime it is unethical. When public officials do it, it is illegal-as outlined in 18-8-407.”

We agree with John Morse. It is illegal and unethical when a public official abuses taxpayer dollars for personal gain, and an investigation should be conducted to determine if the law was broken.

What kind of money was spent in this abuse that caused Senator John Morse to request an investigation into alleged per diem abuse by District Attorney John Newsome?

$584.90, which Newsome repaid.

How much per diem and travel expenses did John Morse take in 2009?

Almost $40,000!

We rest our case, your Honor.