Like Carmen Sandiego or Bill Ritter for his entire term as Governor, John Hickenlooper is simply nowhere to be found. Both Republicans and Democrats have put maps on the table in bill form and there is a wide gulf between them. Since legislative leaders are at logger-heads, we've been wondering if it might have occurred to the Guv that it's kind of a big deal and as CEO of the state, he might want to weigh in.

We emailed his Director of Communications, Eric Brown, on April 22 with the questions we posted on the same day. But he refused to provide any response from the Governor. So we'll repost them again in the hopes that the Guv feels the need to, you know, act like the Governor. 

"Governor, do you think that the Western Slope and Eastern Plains should be divided in the way that your party in the legislature has  advocated?"

"Governor, do you think El Paso County and its five military bases is a community of interest that should remain intact?"

"Governor, do you support the Brandon-Mander?"

"Governor, do you think Boulder County and Mesa County should be lumped in the same Congressional District?"

 "Governor, redistricting is a little bit of a big deal. Did it occur to you that, with legislative leadership at logger-heads, maybe the CEO of the state should weigh in?"

We keep thinking that a reporter might pose some of these fairly obvious questions to the state's Chief Executive Officer. He is the Governor  after all, and the public has a right to know where he stands (or hides) on one of the two or three most important issues debated during his first legislative term as Governor.