The bar-room-brawl known as redistricting in Colorado is down to the final 3 days.

Kumbaya? I got your Kumbaya right here.

With House Republicans and Senate Democrats at an impasse that is starting to look more and more difficult to unwind, we still haven't a faint clue where John Hickenlooper stands on the last outstanding issue…or for that matter, on any of the major issues debated at any time during the redistricting punching match.

Sure we cheered him for his late entry into the debate, but at this point leadership means rolling up your sleeves and hammering out a deal on the details.

Unfortunately, leadership is the exact opposite of what Hick has given on redistricting…it has been true from the start, and it is true now, in these final days of tough negotiation.

Uppermost among the remaining disputes is whether the rural counties that are home to the proposed expansion of Pinon Canyon bombing range should be gerrymandered into the same district that claims the military stronghold of El Paso County.

We are not entering the fray over the proposed Pinon Canyon expansion one way or the other, but if John Hickenlooper is as impassioned about protecting the interests of those ranchers in S.E. Colorado as he says he is, shouldn't he tell the Senate Democrats to stand down and remove these rural counties from a Congressional district dominated by El Paso county?

The answer is obvious…of course.

If Hick is the sworn friend of the ranchers in the way he has said he is, the Governor should settle the score on behalf of the ranchers…and House Republicans.

If Hick continues to sit on the sidelines while the Senate Dems plays games on Pinon Canyon, though, Hick's allegiances to party (at the expense of these ranchers) will be clear for the world to see.

The clock is ticking and, on this issue, memories are long.

So which one will it be Governor; your political party, or the ranchers you claim to support?

Image: Bob Lowe /