Today we find out why no one wanted Boulder to be in their Congressional District. People from Boulder don't get it.

Witness Rollie Heath, who's proposing a $3 BILLION tax hike over five years. His plan is to hike the state income tax up to 5% and jack the state sales tax up to 3%. 

We warned our readers this was coming back in March here, here and here.

Remember, this is the same Rollie Heath who said that businesses don't really care how much they're taxed. From WhoSaidYouSaid:

Sen. Cadman, you know I’ve recruited a lot of companies. I’ve been all over the world trying to bring business to the state. I’ve chaired economic development for the Denver Chamber. I’ve brought divisions here in my Johns Manville days. They don’t ask you about taxes…I don’t know anybody that’s ever not come to this state – in my experience, that’s relatively limited, but – that’s said to me, ‘We’re not coming to Colorado because of the taxes.’ And maybe there are some, but certainly not in my experience…

The same Rollie Heath who sponsored all of last year's Dirty Dozen tax increases, which were resoundly rejected by voters last election, putting Republicans in control in the House as a result. 

Per the Colorado Statesmen:

Heath was the primary Senate sponsor on all 12 tax  exemption and credit bills, 11 of which passed and were signed into law  by Gov. Bill Ritter.

John Hickenlooper is doubtlessly under big pressure to back the package. But given these statements, we ask, how does he?

On the campaign trail, Hick opposed increasing taxes for education. From the Associated Press:

Hickenlooper is promising not to raise taxes for education if elected governor, saying taxpayers have no appetite for it.

Here's Hick when asked about supporting a tax hike initiative like Heath's:

“I can’t imagine I would support something like this in the upcoming fall,” said Hickenlooper.

All of this adds up to a battle that conservatives welcome. We will gladly stand on the side of no new taxes, especially in an economy like this one.

The question that remains to be answered: Will Hickenlooper live up to the RGA ads characterization and become No Jobs John? Or will he stand strong and continue pushing for fiscal common sense on taxes and spending?