Apparently, the liberal attack machine is in full swing hunting down an alleged “secret meeting” of wealthy, right-wing donors. Leading the charge is self-proclaimed purist, Common Cause.

These groups claim that the Koch brothers, who are wealthy donors to conservative causes, are meeting with other deep-pocketed politicos to discuss how best to use their money to impact elections nationwide. As luck would have it, this meeting is allegedly taking place at Beaver Creek this weekend.

Non-partisan Common Cause will join other hacks ProgressNow and to protest the event. Common Cause attempts to stretch its purpose to include zero attacks on the middle class. But according to its web site, CC is tasked with pursuing “open, honest and accountable government” and to “strengthen public participation.” First, this protest appears to chill the Kochs' public participation and as a private group, they are obviously not subject to open government.

If that isn't enough to give pause about CC's motives, for the past decade CC Executive Director Jenny Flanagan has been totally silent on the efforts of the Colorado Democracy Alliance (CoDA). In her email plea to protest the Koch event, Flanagan claims, “…they will host an invitation only discussion between corporate titans and political operatives to plot a secret plan to spend tens of millions of dollars of corporate money on the 2012 elections.” Does that sound familiar?

For years, Colorado liberals have held secret meetings with millionaires Tim Gill and Pat Stryker. These meetings drew Democrat operatives from the unions and the liberal hit squad of ProgressNow and Ethics Watch. I'm wondering now if Common Cause was part of these meetings. If not, why wasn't Flanagan showing a similar faux outrage and protesting these secret meetings?

This whole charade is silly at best. In fact, I have news for Flanagan. What do you think the NRCC and the DCCC do? Guess what, they hold secret meetings to determine how best to spend their corporate cash to have the greatest impact. It's also how ProgressNow and Ethics Watch were allocated money from CoDA.

It's time to protest Flanagan and CC and tell them to stop hiding their donors and be honest with the people of Colorado about their true motivations.