With the Legislature and school out for summer, and everyone working hard to get their bodies ready for the beach, or lake, we thought it was a good time to bring back one of our most popular series: Hot or Not?

Last time our informal analysis led us to conclude that in the Hot or Not battle between liberals and conservatives, conservatives won by a long shot. 

Let's look at some new pairings and see where the ideological war stacks up this time. 

Michele Bachmann vs Hillary Clinton: In the battle of female Presidential primary contenders, one has a faithful husband. Wonder why?


Rick Santorum vs Joe Biden: Our Presidential primary non-contender has a way prettier mouth to stick his foot in.


Marco Rubio vs Alan Grayson: One's the best looking Member of Congress and one looks like a guy that has to inform you he is now living in the neighborhood thanks to Meghan's law. We'll let you figure out which is which. 


Bill Owens vs Bill Ritter: Calling taxes “fees” isn’t hot Mr. Ritter.


Nancy Spence vs Nancy Pelosi: Colorado air ages you better than Botox.


John Elway vs John Hickenlooper: When it comes to scrambling away from big issues, Hick is fleet of foot. But hot he's not, while the right-winged right-wing is. 


Jill Repella vs Morgan Carroll: Liberals plead no contest.


Aaron Schock vs Jerry Nadler: Does it get any clearer than this?


Jane Norton vs Cary Kennedy: Norton by two high heels.


Ken Buck vs Ken Salazar: In the famous cowboy gear race, it's boots over hat. And that's no Weld County bullshit.


Pete Coors vs Tim Gill: Our rich guy's hotter than yours is!  



Abraham Lincoln vs Michael Johnston: Go ahead liberals, we dare you to say that the Hunky Johnston is hotter than the Man Who Saved the Union.  


So it looks like, again according to an informal analysis, that conservatives top liberals in the looks department a second time. Better luck next time progressives.