The problem with hypocrisy is that it usually comes back to bite you in the butt crack. Witness former Denver Mayor Wellington Webb, who today said competitiveness was not a constitutional pretext for drawing legislative maps.

It is true, SO WHAT?

Well here is WHAT…competitiveness was the entire political and legal basis for the Democrat maps posited by Brandon Shaffer and the Democrats during redistricting. 

Morgan Carroll, who argued for competitiveness and the ability to completely re-imagine existing boundaries during redistricting, cried crocodile tears last week when state House lines in Aurora saw some major changes approved by the bipartisan reapportionment commission. 

The difference between Carroll's crocodile tears and Wellington Webb is that Webb outright trashes the exact reasoning and talking point Dems used during redistricting, whereas Carroll merely complained about significant changes.

Democrats became broken records during redistricting repeating the phrases "Congressman for life" and "competitiveness" over and over again.

Witness the line that is certain to define Democrats bumbled attempt at messaging over redistricting and reapportionment:

“One rationale given to fracture Aurora was to artificially create competitive districts,” Webb said. “Competitiveness is not one of the constitutional criteria I remember taking an oath to uphold.”

So it's okay to "fracture" the Western Slope, Eastern Plains, and lower Arkansas valley in the name of competitiveness, but it's not okay to fracture a single city for the same reason?  

Webb has been out of politics for a while now and it shows.  

He just gave away the store on redistricting. There is no way to walk this one back.