By State Senator Nancy Spence

I’m proud to have endorsed Steve Hogan in the race for Aurora Mayor.

Aurora is a city that’s filled with great potential. Now more than ever it’s important that Aurora elect a Mayor who understands the myriad challenges that go with such possibility. Steve has served a total of 24 years on Aurora City Council, providing leadership on dozens of issues that affect Aurora. There are few public servants today with the institutional memory and appreciation for context than Steve Hogan.

I’ve read Steve’s One Aurora Plan – as thorough and decisive a platform as I have ever seen from any candidate. Whether you agree or disagree with Steve’s positions and solutions for Aurora, you can’t help but admire his depth of experience on a variety of complex issues. His high degree of awareness of every corner of Aurora is remarkable in its specificity. (For what it’s worth, I have assurances that the document was not ghost written by staff, but actually drafted by Steve himself.) Every Aurora voter should take the time to read Steve’s One Aurora Plan here before they vote this November.

Steve Hogan is running for Mayor for the right reasons. He’s pledged to be a full time Mayor for Aurora and he’ll finish his four years in office. You won’t see Steve Hogan running for another office in the middle of his term. Steve puts it best when he says, “Aurora Mayor will be the capstone of my career, not a stepping stone in my career.” Steve is genuinely motivated by love for his hometown, genuine eagerness to contribute, and most of all to preserve for his children and grandchildren the many benefits of living in Aurora.

I join a long list of Colorado leaders – Republicans and Democrats alike – who support Steve Hogan. Leaders like Hank Brown, Bill Owens, former Aurora Mayors Dennis Champine, Paul Tauer and no fewer than ten of Steve’s former colleagues on Aurora City Council, are backing him. He also has the endorsement of twenty-five other current and former elected officials – members of both parties – from around the Metro region. His One Aurora advisory group is comprised of industry leaders, labor officials, neighborhood activists, small business owners and other experts from a wide spectrum of professions.

Like most cities in Colorado, Aurora has a healthy mix of Republicans, Democrats and Unaffiliated voters. Bi-partisanship is essential to making good policy and appealing broadly to a diverse citizenry. Steve’s background working with both sides of the aisle and his commitment to principle make him the best choice for Aurora Mayor.

I’ve been watching Steve’s career for some time. As a member of the Transportation Committee in the Colorado House and Senate for twelve years, I was particularly impressed with his accomplishments as executive director both the E-470 Tollway Authority and the Northwest Parkway. These were complicated projects that required patience, maturity and executive-level diplomacy. Under Steve’s leadership, both of these significant transportation projects were completed on time and on budget. He’s a steady hand who has shown he can forge coalitions, bring the right players to the table, and negotiate the best deal possible.

My endorsement is not something I give lightly. It was after careful consideration of Steve’s record in office, his achievements in the private sector, his character and his work ethic that I decided to endorse him. As a legislator, I look forward to working with Steve on issues that are important to Aurora and the neighboring cities in Senate District 27.

Cities across our great state are tightening their belts, looking for new sources of revenue, trimming their budgets and finding efficiencies – all the while delivering crucial services to their citizens. Aurora is no different. This November it’s voters will be asked whom to trust to lead them. Now is the time for experienced, thoughtful and demonstrated leadership. Steve Hogan is such a leader.