I remember watching a football game with my dad way back when. It wasn't going well for our team and I plead with the television to put in the back-up quarterback. As quarter after quarter went by, I finally got my wish at the end of the game. The second stringer was an option quarterback and exciting to watch.

He made a great drive in the closing minutes down to the red zone. With only seven yards to go, the coach called an option. The quarterback optioned right, but before he could shuffle the ball off, he was instantly hit hard by a linebacker resulting in a fumble and a long return. Game over, we lost. My dad looked over at me and said, “Well, I guess you got your wish.”

I got my wish, but not the result I wanted. Still, I didn't have any retort for my dad. I spent most of the game begging for a change, but when the change came and didn't go my way, I could no longer complain.

I was reminded of this story following Senator Michael Bennet's antics during the debt ceiling debates. He spent most of the time whining, saying, “We need a solution. We need a solution. We need a solution.” He even went so far as penning a blog entry describing the problem and ridiculing his colleagues for not solving it. In that entry, he wrote, “That's why I'm asking you to sign a petition urging Washington to reach an agreement to prevent default on our nation's debt.”

After his temper tantrum in the stands, the LEADERS in both chambers struck a deal and concluded the debt ceiling debate. Well, Bennet got his wish. Instead of just sitting there quietly, he had the audacity to release a statement yesterday expressing his displeasure in the resolution. In part, Bennet said, “The agreement reached today isn't perfect; this is not a bill that I or any one Coloradan would have written.”

Some fans watching a football game can be loud, obnoxious and have all the answers for victory. They take credit for the wins and blame others for the losses. That's why they're called fanatics. But to be a player in the game and behave this way is called being a poor sport. You can't get your wish and then complain about the outcome. It's unsportsmanlike. Not a good way to start a contract with your team.