My God, I just noticed the date! I totally missed a couple of important anniversaries. Hiroshima. Nagasaki. We should never forget. As many lives as that eventful month of 1945 saved, on both sides, we should never forget that terrible power that was unleashed on mankind for the first time. It changed completely what was possible in war.

In the Republican debate, Ron Paul implied, if he didn't say it, that Iran would not use a nuclear weapon. That the view is insanity was hammered home by Mike Huckabee, chatting with Sean Hannity. Hannity downgraded the danger, saying that Iran “didn't have an Air Force”.

North Korea developed the bomb in secret, and surprised the world with a test. If Iran ever develops a nuclear weapon, the test will be from the back of a truck that they've driven into either Tel Aviv or Washington, D.C. Either is an easy possiblity, considering that Israel must admit trade goods, and the U.S. has such porous borders. Air Force?! We don't need no stinking Air Force!

That being said, the American people don't know a diamond when they see it. The next President we elect, and that person won't be Ron Paul, regardless of party, will need a Secretary of the Treasury. Ron Paul is the perfect choice. Nobody has a clearer vision of what we need to do, financially. Americans aren't smart enough to follow his policies exactly, but as Secretary of the Treasury, at least we'd have to give them a serious hearing.

Michelle Bachmann is a wonderful person. I just wish she would use the Imperial “We” less often. One can't fault her character or dedication, and she stands for true American values.

Herman Cain surprised me. I'd only vaguely heard him being bounced around by the MSM on the Muslim issue, but didn't take him very seriously. Perhaps we should abolish the office of Secretary of Labor, and instead have a Secretary of Employment. In my opinion, there's more to Presidential requirements than a good business plan.

Newt showed surprising depth. We could do worse. Mitt Romney was great. If he's really serious about a Marriage Amendment to the Constitution, he's got my vote. That would do more to turn America around that anything else we could do. We're so focused on the economic crisis we're facing, that we totally ignore the moral crisis that is the greater cause of it than any other factor.

Mitt and Michelle are both great because they have Judeo-Christian values. That's the difference between us and Hitler. He calimed to have Christian values. We claim to have Judeo-Christian values. There's a big difference there. True Christian values have such power that even a cheap immatation gets people's support. The trouble with that is that none of the churches I've seen really understand what they really are, and haven't since Peter's successor became Pope. Peter was the first head of the church, and as Christ's diciple, could heal the sick and cast out demons. You don't see too much of that happening these days, and we haven't seen it for quite awhile. So we're left with folks going through the motions and hoping for the best. The motions and opinions that go along with them can be anything you can get them to believe, and brother, that's a lot. Once again, look at Hitler.

Judeo-Christian values, on the other hand, have a basis in both the Old Testament and the New. You can see immediately why that wouldn't work for Hitler. He had a unique problem in the Jews. The Old Testament is their history. He took the out common in Europe, and blamed them for the crucifiction, thus negating their message. The old, “attack the messenger to destroy the message” trick. We, on the other hand, used to post the Ten Commandments on our halls of justice. But, Oh! How the mighty hath fallen!

Our Constitution was created to protect our God given rights. We aren't a Christian nation. We have a lot of Christians, but we also have a lot of folks who aren't, but have Judeo-Christian values. Some of them, and some of the Christians are among the folks who really love freedom.  Both Jews and Christians believe in free will. If you believe that Man is free to choose to love God, or not, then you want freedom in life for yourself. Most people don't. Most people just want to be taken care of, at one level or another. Those are the ones that were the “good Germans that didn't know what was happening”. Unfortunately for the rest of us, those are the ones that voted for Obama. There are a lot of them, aren't there?

True freedom means expecting to take care of yourself, and living up to the responsibilities that entails, in order to have a free society. Part of that is keeping tabs on the government, and electing good people to office. True freedom is wanting to be able to do that, without government interference or excessive taxation, to the point of highway robbery.

On the other hand, apparently those on welfare would rather settle for a life of relative poverty at government expense, than to try to compete in a market that they perceive as having the odds stacked against them. We've trained them to do that with 40 years of welfare. You also have the peanut allergy crowd wanting legislation that will remove the peanut, that miracle exposed by Booker T. Washington, out of existence in America. Al Gore insists that we save the world. The crowd that plays to their ilk always wants to show how hard they're working to take care of them. Michelle Obama might as well say, “Make them eat carrots!” They'll eat up anything you'll dish out if you promise to take care of them. FDR was President for life, and at least half of America cried when he died in office.

What we, as lovers of freedom, have to decide, is what methods we'll use, and to what lengths we'll go, to stop those who exploit Americans wanting to be taken care of, from transforming our republic into their uniquely American communist country. Any one of the candidates on that stage would undoubtedly make a better President than Obama. The true question for the American people for 2012 is: Do you want your children to live in a communist country, or not? The stakes are high. We need someone with the wisdom to see the truth, and the character to tell it to us, and act on it.

Think it can't happen here? Do you really think that America can't be transformed into a communist country? We've already transformed from a republic into a democracy! Think about this: the Founding Fathers made States Rights a cornerstone of their design for our republic, to help guard our freedom. Federal taxes were collected from the States of these United States according to apportionment by census. That was their whole reason for the census, that and seats in the House, and Presidential electors. The 16th Amendment made that all obselete, as far as taxes go. You in your State don't get to decide how to tax yourselves, since 1913. Seats in the House by population smacks too much of mob rule, so the States used to appoint Senators to represent their interests, back in the days of the republic. The 17th Amendment threw the election of Senators open to the public, and thus opened the process up to influence from national special interests. Special interests in California or New York can influence the election of your Senator in Colorado. Previously, they'd have had to buy both legislative houses in the State. The poor resent that, and envy gives the Progressives a foot in the door. We've let them turn the constitutional republic our Founding Fathers created, into the national democracy that those good men so feared, warned us about, and worked so hard to prevent in their design of our republic. You think you live in a republic? It's no bigger a leap to go from democracy to communisim, than it is to go from being a republic to being a democracy. We passed the 16th and 17th Amendments and accomplished the latter, by making democratic class warfare inevitable in America. Those terrible twins of 1913. What will be the straw that breaks the camel's back and turns our democracy into dictatorship?

Hey! You “evil rich” that they're always harping about. What kind of a country do you want to live in? Our Founding Fathers were mostly Christian men that knew and carried out their responsibility to the poor. Morality declined over the years to the point that the whole country rebelled, and ratified the 16th Amendment to punish you. Look at the mess that's gotten us into. A vibrant American economy is much too important to be left to government. They've proven that they mess up everything they touch.

You have to work within the system, so get a law passed that contributions to programs that put Americans back to work are tax deductable. Then go to town and make the U.S. once again the miracle of capitalism for the world to see. Only this time, do it right. Don't be so greedy. Spread the wealth out to your hardworking employees 'til it hurts, and watch them break their backs for you. Study the history of companies that have paid high wages. Henry Ford comes to mind. He was a pioneer of outrageously high wages, in his day, and didn't have union troubles, at first. Did rather well, too.

How come you don't have to be rich to vote, but you have to be rich to pay taxes?

The problem is, those who work for a living are outnumbered by those who vote for a living.

“I know of no safe depositor of the ultimate power of society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion with education. This is the true corrective of abuses of constitutional power.” – Thomas Jefferson

“A well instructed people can alone be permanently a free people.” – James Madison