We've long covered the struggles state Senate Majority Leader John "Per Diem" Morse has with government dollars, but a moment yesterday from the Legislative Council Committee meeting really takes the cake. When the committee, which acts in place of the Legislature outside the legislative session, was meeting to discuss the language of the $3 Billion Prop 103 tax hike initiative, Senator Morse exposed his blinding ignorance of basic Econ 101. 

Senator Morse: Raising taxes will slow the Colorado economy. And we heard public testimony that whether it's Keynesian or monetary, or whatever, taking tax dollars out of the private economy slows the private economy. Okay. What about the government economy? 

The government economy!?!

Since when did the government become its own economy? We know Senator Morse sees government coffers as his own private expense account, so it's not surprising he now thinks the government is its own economy. 

Beyond the nonsensical rantings of a man who likes to threaten the homes of his detractors, Morse admits a key fact in the Prop 103 debate: raising taxes will kill jobs.

He's okay with killing private sector jobs because they increase the government "economy." Morse's per diem parties need to be funded somehow. 

What do you think is more important to voters: their jobs or the government "economy"?