This is a scary Halloween story. It is meant to scare you liberal goons and ghouls out there, you who have so much faith in your socialist plan to save the world.

What if there is a God, as both assumed and claimed in our founding document, the Declaration of Independence? What if that God gave mankind rules for living, whose observance would please and cause success for human families, as well as pleasing God? What if the founding fathers of America tried to set up a government that would operate on principles consistent with God's laws, while protecting the natural rights of families? What if following the principles in the Constitution was really the recipe for success and happiness for American families, and all your efforts over the years that have led Americans astray from those principles are in fact hurting Americans and their chances for success and happiness, instead of helping them as you claim and believe? What if these things are true?

If, as I believe, they are true as charged, then I wouldn't change places with any one of you for all the gold or votes in the world. “Ignorance of the law is no excuse”. Your standing with the Almighty is very shakey, and the prospects for your future are dim. And that is a much more horrible future to dread than any murdering monster you could ever dream up. A monster might kill your body, but you're doing the work of someone who wants your soul. For forever.

Mr. Saul Alinsky is a man whom both President Obama and Secretary Clinton studied and admire. In undermining respect for the Constitution, and encouraging actions contrary to its principles, you're doing the work of the person that Saul Alinsky dedicated his book, “Rules for Radicals” to.  That book is dedicated to Satan. As long as you're doing his work, he owns you. Happy Halloween, and sweet dreams.

What they teach in American schools today: global warming is gospel, the gospel is a myth, and big government would be God's gift to mankind, if God existed.