Remember that talk of Brandon Shaffer dropping his campaign in CD4 after new Congressional lines drawn by his own party left his bid against Cory Gardner an impossible one? Well, those rumors have metastasized into something far more interesting. Sources from DC to Denver are now talking about the possibility of Shaffer dropping out of the CD4 race…and entering the race in the 6th Congressional district against incumbent Congressman Mike Coffman.

Please, oh please, gods of electoral politics, make it true. We were bummed to lose a favorite pinata of ours to the dustbin of forgotten Congressional candidates.

Shaffer's rapacious ambition might just keep him around a little longer for us to enjoy his descent into political meaninglessness. 

Worry not, loyal readers, we wouldn't even have to change his nickname. It can remain T-GRAC, only it would now be The Guy Running Against Coffman. 

We've heard the rumor from both Republicans and Democrats (yes, we do talk to a few). We always wondered why Shaffer's strategist, Craig Hughes, who headed Obama's 2008 CO operation, would stick around an electoral suicide mission. Shaffer's move to the CD6 race would explain Hughes' continued presence by Shaffer's side. 

With Shaffer the top Dem Congressional candidate fundraiser last period, pulling in around $180,000 to Miklosi's $130k, the Dems would at least have a marginally better fundraiser as an option for the race. As state Senate President, Shaffer would also bring slightly more seniority than Miklosi.

With all the talk being about finding a Miklosi alternative, we can't help but bowl over laughing that Shaffer is the best Dems can do.

Why are Democrats unable to find anyone who actually lives in CD6, old or new, that can run?

Talk has gone from one carpetbagger to the next in CD6, all the time neglecting to mention a single liberal living in the district. 

Maybe Democrat lawyers Scott Martinez and Mark Grueskin should have asked their fellow Democrats if there was anyone worth gerrymandering CD6 for before they threw all their redistricting eggs in that basket. 

We're not 100% sure that Shaffer will flip-flop races, but it's a rumor that we have heard with increasing frequency in recent days.

We sure hope it's true.