Senate President Brandon Shaffer, affectionately known on these pages as T-GRAC, or The Guy Running Against Cory (Gardner), says he agreed with Obama's State of the Union speech last night in a fundraising email he just sent out. We call him T-GRAC because he stands no shot of winning his Congressional campaign, and with his latest Barry Obama Bear Hug that chance of victory went from zero to zilch.

To his credit, at least he didn’t ditch his day job in the Legislature to go see Obama’s speech like his fellow Congressional hopeful Sal Pace did.

Attaching your political horse to the cart of a President with a 39% approval rating in Colorado is not normally smart politics. If T-GRAC stayed in his current race in CD4, which has a 30 point advantage for Republicans in past partisan performance, that would be fine. He'd lose big, but at least he'd lose saying what he really means.

The rub in this is that T-GRAC has been polling in the vastly more competitive 6th Congressional district, looking at jumping ship towards a race that he might actually have a chance to win. CD6, after it was gerrymandered by the Democrats and their liberal lapdog judge, became a seat virtually split between Republicans, Democrats and Unaffiliated voters. 

If T-GRAC was going to move to CD6 he would probably be trying to downplay his ties to an unpopular President.

Should we take this as a sign that the polling didn't turn back positive numbers for T-GRAC?