The battle between Governor Romney and Senator Santoram amuses me. Romney sees government as a business to be fixed, and Santoram is fired up to make abortion illegal and marriage Biblical by law. Neither is for strict Constitutional government, like Dr. Paul To be fair, I do acknowledge that both see the evil of the overreach of the Federal government.

The answer to the evil slaughter of abortion is not to make it illegal. The answer is to teach our children to get married before they have sex. By some strange coincidence that solution also goes most of the way in solving the problem of poverty and the welfare state. Nobody is willing to say or hear that simple truth because we want easy answers that will continue to let us glorify our fleshy desires. To be fair, Senator Santoram does see the economic disaster of illegitimate birth, but he misses seeing the connection to abortion. 

Should we mimic the French after their bloody revolution, when they passed a law that required celibate priests to get married within one month? If I'm right, and marriage is the answer to our society's problem, would a law favoring it be a good idea?  The last time we tried to use the power of the Federal government to make us be good (Christians) was the 18th Amendment (alcohol prohibition). We finally saw how horrible that was, and repealed it.

When the people demanded freedom of religion, it was to prevent the establishment of a National Church Monopoly, not to prevent people from going to Church, or to stop the government from acknowledging the supreme role God should have in all our lives.

Our founding fathers and the authors of our Constitution knew the value of teaching Christian values to their children. We have lost that, and that's why we're in trouble. Question: What do you get when you let the Public Education Monopoly teach your children to be secular humanists for an entire generation? Answer: A ruined economy, Occupy Wall Street and neighborhoods where the illegitimate birth rate is 70%.

I don't fear for my generation. The free market, loosely based on Christian values, has provided enough wealth that it won't fall apart before I'm dead. But what about our children and their children? What happens when marriage finally dies as an institution? Will those single moms be able to support the kids when they want to come back home after college? We'll have to have government dormitories for them, which will work out nicely with the sexual orgy lifestyle that will be popular by then. It's a different lifestyle with different values, but is that what we want? Life without God? Total government control? North Korea?

In the 20th Century, two different godless systems of government caused human suffering on a Biblical scale: fascisim and communisim. Stalin killed many more people than Hitler. Look it up. Today we face a clash with a culture that is very religious in a way very different from our Judeo-Christian tradition. Iran is an actual theocracy, and there are many countries where the majority of the population are devout Muslims. Their goal is to have their religion dominate the world. Will the atheistic secular humanists be able to stop them, once they've lost the values that went along with our Judeo-Christian heritage? God knows, and time will tell. The atheists place their faith in the atheistic U.N. to solve the world's problems.

The way I see it, the only way we can win is to have a secular government, but we must become a religious people with Christian values. Then we'll have good government by default, because the good people will demand good candidates. God bless our Constitution. Except in the issues defined in the Constitution, government is never the solution to the problem. When government steps outside the bounds of the Constitution, government is the problem. Non-Christians in government lead the charge to get it to exceed its Constitutional limits. Non-Christian citizens have elected them. We have the government we deserve.

The question for 2012 becomes, “Do you want your children to live in a communist country, or not?”