It's no secret, the Peak prides itself on picking on the Denver press when they deserve a picking on.  

Some reporters — cough, cough, Allison Sherry, cough, cough — we have been especially tough on.  

Which is why we are excited to highlight the absolute annihilation of some rowdy bums masquerading as Occupy protesters by our favorite political reporter on TV, Eli Stokols. Stokols' performance makes him immediately eligible for the Peak's Man of the Year.  

While we mentioned this encounter last week, including the criminal record of the lead Occupier, after a much needed unplugging from the internets we feel the need to publish it again. It's that good. 

We will say that, if we weren't anonymous automatons, we would take Eli to an Irish bar and order him a (belated) St. Patty's Day car bomb as a thank you for saying what we have been thinking to the idiot protesters vagrants protesting the 1 percent.    

Speaking of car bombs, click here for Eli the Magnificent. You go Dog.

(Photo Credit: Eli Stokols’ Facebook Fan Page)