The Perfect Storm

A Commentary by TEA Party Patriot

All the elements are in place for the Treyvon Martin case to become the perfect storm because of the created perceptions by the news media, civil rights activists, the twentieth anniversary of the Rodney King beating by LAPD officers and a few thousand other things that just happen to be at the right place at the wrong time.  

The gasoline thrown on the fire will be provided by a nation ethnically, politically, religiously and racially divided.  The expectations created will provide the oxygen.  We have the expectation of justice and make no mistake, justice is on the line and there is the long suppressed desire for payback just under the surface and very near the boiling point.

If there is a conviction, many will see that as a betrayal of justice and the fear factor will rise that if the government caves in to the lynch mob in this case, then it could happen to any of us.  And there is no longer “and justice for all”. That revelation will have a profound effect and long term repercussions that will destabilize our Republic.  If there is an acquittal, the created expectation is that there will be riots, similar to what happened in 1992 and there will be looting and righteous indignation. Cities will burn, there will be bloodshed and lives will be lost.  

And there will be those on both sides who will take advantage of a tragedy to further their agenda whether that agenda is network ratings, Florida’s “stand your ground law” or partisan politics.  Will the occupy Wall Street movement get involved?  Will the TEA Party?  Do you see a clear dividing line that could destroy our nation?  Will we descend into chaos and anarchy?  Will the perfect storm grow totally, irrevocably out of control?  Will the American people allow the news media to create expectations that will soon morph into a self fulfilling prophecy?  Can’t you just feel it coming?

But there is a third highly unlikely possibility, really little more than a hope; that common sense will prevail.  That we the people, united, will see through the smoke screen and reaffirm our individual and collective commitment to the ideals of equal justice for all, but most importantly justice for the individual and for humanity.  The justice that is so necessary that it is the cornerstone of civilization.  That which makes it possible for us to live together in peace.  

Is peace what we want?  Is it possible that we sometimes forget what it’s like without peace, without freedom and without justice?  Have there not always been such times in our journey together through life but they are few and it is the duty of the whole of the people to diminish and marginalize the influence of such a lowest common denominator or decisions made in anger and haste. We are all human, we are better than this people, and we owe it to our children and grandchildren to at least act like it.  

Individual responsibility is one of the cornerstones of the values and principles of the TEA Party movement and now you know why.