Obama came out for civil unions after “a number of gay and progressive donors” stopped contributing to his reelection campaign. [h/t Washington Free Beacon]

Here in Colorado Hick just called a special session to deal with civil unions. Coloradans might well prefer a special session on job creation instead. But Hick had his reasons.

There is nothing sexy about an analysis of political cash. Bear with me and see why Hick is showboating on civil unions and why Colorado elections in recent years have tilted to the Democrats.

Gay Power

Tim Gill, a wealthy Colorado gay activist has given more than $3 million to politics, including to Hick. Pat Stryker of Fort Collins has given more than $5 Million to liberal political causes and Democratic candidates. Stryker “gives generously to gay causes.”

Union Power

That's roughly the same amount as the millions in labor union money (beginning in 2000) flowing predominantly to Colorado Democrats and the state Democratic party. Gay and union cash changed Colorado's politics. [Data from Open Secrets, followthemoney.org and FEC; does not include 527 or Super PAC money]

The union's $8.2 million equal one out of every $3 Democratic legislative candidates get. Atop this easy-to-track cash, liberal 527s spent $16.1 Million in 2008 and 2010 in Colorado, nearly matching $19.4 Million spent those years by the Democratic state party and by legislative candidates who didn't have an R behind their names.

Republicans Lagging

Republicans lack a similar Big Rock Candy Mountain. In 2010, Colorado's Republican state party received less money than they had in 2000 – while the Dems' state party had $2 Million more than back then.

The Republicans lost their fundraising advantage after 2002. As night follows day, they lost both the State House and State Senate. In 2010, Republicans managed to eke out a narrow win in the State House despite the Democrats' large fundraising advantage. But it took a national landslide for this to happen.

We did not lose because we were “too conservative” or “not conservative enough.” We flatly lack the financial firepower to fight this juggernaut.

Democrats are buying elections with this money. And Coloradans paid the price for Democratic control of the reins of state government. Compare the Democrats' $5.9 Billion tax hike to almost $80 Million in contributions. That's an ROI that any businessman would die for. Union bosses love it.

Civil unions? Another payoff … to liberal millionaires. Both Obama and Hickenlooper kowtow to them.

If conservatives want the people of Colorado to have real political power, they must fight back with their wallets. If each of the 700,000 Colorado Republicans who voted in 2010 gave the state Republican party $25, that would be $17.5 Million. Here's the party website.

We are greater than a couple of millionaires and all those union bigwigs … if we each do our part.