Recent reports of the US manufacturing sector shrinking for the first time in three years suggest that the policies of Obama and his Colorado cronies, Rep. Ed Perlmutter, Dean Diana DeGette, and Rep. Jared Polis, have halted resuscitation of our sickly economy. No, friends, it’s not Bush’s fault this time.

Since President Obama took office, the Bureau of Labor statistics showed that CO lost nearly 15,000 manufacturing jobs. And these results are with a President who has made a PR show out of “breathing new life” into this ailing sector. 

Associated Press quoted analyst Dan Greenhaus, who seemed to be mentally wringing his hands, as he said, “This is not good…it is still a terribly weak number.”

Manufacturing in Colorado employs 5.6% of the state’s workforce, and the pay ain’t bad either: manufacturing compensation is 58% higher than other employers in the state, according to the National Association of Manufacturing.

According to the Denver Post, this news couldn’t have come at a worse time as “Colorado [is] among the laggards, ranking 46th among U.S. states [in job growth] with a 0.1 percent decline in jobs from January to June.”