A week or so ago, we rolled our eyes when a partisan web site needled the Colorado Republican Party for hosting a mini-golf tournament at which teams who donated $10,000 would have an elected official play on their team.  The guest blogger wrote, dripping with sarcasm, “the Colorado Republican Party will demonstrate their (btw, their should be “its”) accessibility to and compassion for the American middle class”. 

But, we did a double take when we received an invitation on July 2nd to attend the 2012 Senate Post-Session Event “Star Spangled Banner Happy Hour” on July 31st at the Glenarm Rooftop.  The State Senate Democrats, clearly the paragon of sensitivity and compassion, have named their sponsorship levels after fireworks – Uncle Sam, Statue of Liberty, Bottle Rocket, and Firecracker. 

As everyone knows, fireworks are banned throughout the state right now because of the high fire danger, and um, the many wildfires that have damaged or destroyed homes, threatened lives, and decimated our beautiful landscapes. 

Perhaps, State Senate Dems, you’ve heard of the Waldo Canyon Fire that destroyed over 350 homes in Colorado Springs or the High Park Fire that burned over 87,000 acres and more than 250 homes?  Or, perhaps ANY of the other fires that have been ravaging our state? 

All sarcasm aside, there are thousands of people who lost a tremendous amount with the fires that have swept through Colorado – we’ll keep them in our thoughts and prayers.  And, we’re sure that the Coalition for Colorado’s Future, a 527, would certainly be willing to donate part of what it raises through this event to the victims of fires in Colorado, right?  RIGHT?

Also, be sure to thank the top sponsors of this event – the unions, including AFL-CIO, AFSCME (Association of Federal, State, County, and Municipal Employees), AFT (the teachers arm of the AFL-CIO), the Colorado Education Association, the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association, and SEIU, for putting on such a thoughtful and, dare we say, “compassionate” fundraiser.