In a move that’s sure to devastate Democrats who were counting on voter shenanigans to again carry their candidates across the finish line, the Department of Homeland Security agreed to let Colorado and other states verify citizenship of some registered voters, according to the Denver Post.

The Post has touted this as a major win for Secretary of State Scott Gessler, and Democrats’ heads are exploding across the state.  The best Colorado Democratic Party spokesman Matt Inzeo (who has voter registration issues of his own) could say is, “We're going to be watching closely during this process, and our concerns certainly aren't going away.”  Ok, Matt, you’re watching.  Noted.  (BTW – have you fixed your voter registration confusion yet? And, is this what you mean by watching? Because it hasn't been updated since June.)

The Post editorial board also agreed with Gessler and Attorney General John Suthers, in an editorial published yesterday:

“Critics of the state officials' request, such as ProgressNow executive director Joanne Kron Schwartz, characterize it as an attempt at voter suppression. We disagree. Seeking the federal government's assistance is the surest, cleanest way to confirm citizenship status — and to end a rancorous debate about the extent of the problem.”

Even embattled Florida Gov. Rick Scott, who also is dealing with similar issues, managed to rouse public support for purging voter rolls of those unqualified to vote.  A Tampa/Miami Herald poll found that 54% of Florida voters approved of the purge; whereas, just 35% opposed the purge.

This seems to be a winning issue among the electorate. Of course, once Dems saw that fighting activities that fight fraud and corruption wasn’t a winning strategy, they mentally crossed their arms, furrowed their brows, huffed and said, “this is more a question of motives.” 

Right – our point exactly – if your motive is to perpetuate voter shenanigans, the DHS decision is bad news.  Of course, if your motive is to ensure clean and fair elections, then this is great news.

Congrats Secretary Gessler on winning yet another battle by standing your ground.  They don’t call you the Honey Badger for nothing.