UPDATE: The Colorado Observer‘s Tyler Sandberg has more on the poll. Ed Perlmutter, over to you to release something, anything about your poll.

According to Anderson, the sample of the survey was 39% Democrat / 37% Republican / 24% Unaffiliated/Other. That appears to comport with current voter registration statistics in the district.

…Addressing another criticism of the poll, Anderson told The Observer that the “ballot test” question – who will you vote for – was asked before any information was conveyed to respondents about either candidate. Polls often test positive and negative messages about each candidate, with ballot test questions both before and after the messages, to see how well each one works.

In the case of the ballot test question of Coors vs. Perlmutter, the 9-point Coors lead was found from a question asked at the beginning of the poll.

Conservative website Colorado Peak Politics has called on both campaigns to release their full surveys. With the Coors campaign releasing more information, the pressure will now be on the Perlmutter campaign to divulge more about their own poll.


The Joe Coors for Congress campaign released an internal poll today showing the challenger beating incumbent Congressman Edwin Permutter by 9 points. Perlmutter's campaign complained immediately that their internal poll showed different results…but refused to release it.

Does anyone else find that a bit strange?  What is Perlmutter hiding?

We'll be the first to say the Coors campaign poll is incomplete as it doesn't release crosstabs or any data to help determine if the poll is an accurate reflection of the 7th Congressional District. It also comes after Coors has been up on TV for months with large ad buys and Coors has yet to take a serious shellacking in negative attacks from the left. 

That said, the Perlmutter camp doesn't have much to stand on if they're complaining about Coors' incomplete release with a total and non-existent release of their own. 

How about the media calls on both sides to release their internals, crosstabs and all?

Just as ProgressNow Colorado called on Coors to release his tax returns, but not Perlmutter, how about both sides pony up?

How about it, boys?

Let's see tax returns and internal polls. Lay it all on the table. 

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