We can’t imagine a more terrifying experience than for a woman to be raped.  The very thought of it likely causes many women’s hearts to skip a beat.  That’s probably why the Coalition for Colorado’s Future jumped on this opportunity via a mail piece attempting to paint Senate District 22 Republican candidate, Ken Summers, with the same brush as that crazy guy from Missouri that everyone has denounced.

This mail piece is shameful and its a lie.

Ken Summers mail piece

First, why it’s not truthful – in 2007, he voted for SB07-060, which requires hospitals to come up with a way to provide Plan B to victims of sexual assault. The candidate guide the mailer is referring to can be found here.  He clearly does not say what the mailer is accusing him of saying. Further, his voting record shows exactly the opposite of what the Coalition for Colorado’s Future alleges.

But, worse. Summers is a moderate legislator – both in policy and in temperament, and has been a servant of his community.  In fact, over the past two years, he’s received the following awards for his legislative service:

Additionally, the Denver Post recognized his support of Mental Health First Aid, a 12-hour training course that teaches people how to provide initial help to someone experiencing an emotional crisis.  He also is the executive director of Teen Challenge of the Rocky Mountains, a faith-based drug and alcohol recovery program, and he also played a big role in Colorado Gives Day.

But, Summers’ contributions to the community are not why we call this baseless attack shameful.  It’s because it’s predatory to women.  This organization is using the words of one kooky candidate in an entirely different state to scare women into voting for a candidate who supports the liberal agenda.

You might think, “well, maybe this organization is just dedicated to the rights of women.”  You’d be wrong.  It’s dedicated to big-money special interests.  You may recognize some of these contributing organizations from the Coalition’s most recent filing with Colorado’s Secretary of State:

  • Colorado AFL-CIO (a labor union): $30,000 total
  • The Gill Action Fund: $75,000 total
  • Public Education Committee (teacher’s union): $77,000 total
  • SEIU (labor union): $50,000 total
  • Democratic Super Donor Pat Stryker: $40,000 total
  • United Food and Commercial Workers (labor union): $102,000 total

Funny, we don’t see any women’s organizations contributing to this organization.  Because this organization has an agenda that has very little to do with women.  This mailer only attempts to use fear to restrict the options of women.

Smart voters will, at the very least, ignore this organization and the bile and fear it spews across Colorado.