UPDATE: Following our email to McLaughlin, he tweeted asking for help with the poll.  He quickly deleted the tweet.  Currently, as the online poll stands, 71% think he should be recalled.  Please, Rep. McLaughlin, continue asking for help.  It only bolsters your recall numbers.

A reader poll conducted by the Durango Herald shows that Democrat Rep. Mike McLachlan’s constituents are none too pleased with their representation at the Colorado State Capitol.  Currently, the poll has received over 400 votes and nearly two-thirds of respondents affirmed that they’d like him recalled.  Here’s the breakdown (as of 10am):

  • 62% say “Absolutely – I’ll be first in line to sign the petition”
  • 2% say “Depends on his next votes”
  • 29% say “No way – he’s doing a great job”
  • 6% say “Who is Mike McLachlan?”

Unfortunately, it looks like the damage is done for Mike “One-Term” McLachlan.  With the possible answer of “depends on his next votes” only garnering 2% of the respondents, it would seem that his previous votes and willingness to sponsor an amendment to ban magazines that can hold more than 15 rounds were enough to kill any affection his constituents may have once held for him.

We’ve reached out to Rep. McLachlan for comment, but have not yet heard back.

Feel free Peak Nation™ to let your thoughts be heard on McLachlan’s representation in this poll.  Maybe you’ll be more sympathetic to McLachlan’s dilemma than his constituents have been, but we highly doubt it.  That’s what happens when you’re elected from Durango, but only represent the interests of your big money buddies from Denver and the East Coast.