The County Sheriffs of Colorado aren’t conceding the stage to President Obama and his gun control butt boy, Governor Hickenlooper.

When Obama rides into town tomorrow for his gun grab “victory dance,” the Sheriffs will be there to present their side of the debate for the press.

Reports The Colorado Observer‘s Valerie Richardson:

DENVER–There may be a few party-crashers when President Obama arrives Wednesday to celebrate Colorado’s newly approved gun-control laws.

Sixteen Colorado county sheriffs announced Tuesday they would hold a press conference shortly before the president’s visit to “share their perspective on Colorado’s restrictive gun laws and President Obama’s advocacy visit to the state.” 

The sheriffs’ event is slated for 1 p.m. at Thomas (Fred N.) Memorial Park in Denver, “conveniently located within one mile” of the president’s appearance later that afternoon at the Denver Police Academy, according to the statement.

Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith offered a glimpse of the sheriffs’ perspective at a forum Tuesday at which he blamed the gun-control agenda in part on national political figures and described the presidential visit to Colorado as a “victory dance.”

The gun bills may have been passed and signed, but the fight is far from over.