Call it an example of watch what they do, not what they say.  While Democrats were busy organizing the logistics of their oddly-timed jobs package press conference, Republicans were busy actually passing legislation to help Colorado’s workers.

House Bill 1080, introduced by Republican Rep. Chris Holbert, would continue a $1,200 per employee tax credit for aircraft manufacturers that hire new workers.  The bill was meant to bolster efforts of local airports like Centennial that had lost aircraft maintenance facilities to other states’ tax incentives.

While the bill passed the House 61-2, Democratic Speaker Ferrandino initially tried to downplay the idea.  Here’s what the Denver Business Journal had to say about his initial response:

“Before the bill even had its first committee hearing, House Speaker Mark Ferrandino, D-Denver, questioned whether it and other tax breaks would take too much money out of the state budget without having a notable effect on jobs.”

It’s worth noting that while this jobs bill passed in the House, the Ferrandino package of jobs bills, including HB13-1002, HB13-1003, HB13-1004, and HB13-1005, have remained quagmired in the House.  HB13-1002, 1003, and 1005 have been stuck in Appropriations for months.  HB13-1004 has been laid over in the House since the beginning of the month.  Doesn’t he control the calendar?

Maybe Ferrandino is just jealous that despite his “capable” leadership, a Republican from Douglas County was able to pass a jobs bill before he was?  Thems the breaks of leadership, Mr. Speaker.