While Colorado Democrats have focused on banning arbitrary gun parts this session, Republicans have consistently asked how the mental health issue, which is the common denominator in many of the mass shootings, would be addressed.  Denver Democrat Rep. Beth McCann spent months trying to craft legislation that she ultimately scrapped yesterday.

Republicans were uncomfortable with the approach McCann took in her legislation, which would have allowed mental health professionals to limit gun rights for mental health patients.

Minority Leader Mark Waller spoke to the Denver Post about the issue:

“If your rights are going to be taken away, it should be done judiciously in the way we do it in other circumstances.  When your freedoms are being taken away from you, you have to go before a judge and have that happen and I think that’s appropriate in this circumstance.”

Today, McCann yanked her bill in favor of a study that will guide thinking about mentally ill individuals’ access to guns.  According to the Associated Press:
“A panel would study firearm restrictions on the mentally ill and those suffering from substance abuse in Colorado under a proposal unveiled Friday that’s heavily scaled back from what a Democratic lawmaker initially wanted to do.”
This panel would consist of legislators, mental health professionals, and fire arms experts.  It would meet five times, and publish a report due to the Colorado legislature by January 2015.