Colorado’s Tea Party folks were a force in 2010. Most Americans saw both parties unfavorably that summer. The Tea Party offered a fresh fix with their neighbor-to-neighbor views.

The Tea Party scared Democrats, and Obama challenged them. Here’s why. Tea Party activists:

  • contribute to a candidate (22%),
  • attend rallies (24%) and
  • contact public officials (44%).

That’s just what Obama’s OFA operations seek from Democrats. Tea Party supporters are their activist competitors. William and Mary researchers said this year “the Tea Party will continue to be a major, often dominant, force….”

Colorado’s Michael Bennet – due in part to Tea Party educational efforts – was the most narrowly elected Democratic US Senator in two elections. That’s why, as Peak previously reported, Bennet urged the IRS to tie up the Tea Party in red tape. Bureaucratic efforts did hamper Tea Party types in 2012, but, once Americans realized what had happened, Bennet’s efforts to harm Tea Party groups backfired.

CNN just reported favorability levels for the Tea Party are as high as they were immediately before the 2010 election. Most Americans see the Bennet-urged effort for what it is:

  • an inappropriate, deliberate effort to harrass (AP/WaPo poll)
  • involving the Obama administration (Pew),
  • done for political reasons (USA Today).

Siccing the IRS on people for political gain – as Bennet did – is despicable.

Let’s keep our eye on the ball, however. Let Obama stew in his own juices; he may boil without assistance. Instead, let us reach out to nonpartisan grassroots Tea Party activists for help reaching shared goals.

Republicans come in many stripes – that need to grow and work together:

  • Regular Republicans (with business/Chamber of Commerce views),
  • Evangelical Republicans (with social gospel and abortion/marriage focus),
  • Libertarian-style Republicans (with plans to cut government) and
  • Maverick Republicans (with a modern version of yesteryear’s prairie populism).

After similar factionalism in the 1970s, Republicans coalesced – and won the presidency three times running. United, we reformed the tax system to encourage a strong economy, ended the Cold War by winning it, and championed American families and traditional values (more here). We reined in foreign dictators without years of warfare.

Whatever you believe, answer these questions. Will you:

  • Contribute time and money like Tea Party folks do?
  • Fight within the party or work to win in November?
  • Help other conservatives’ agendas while they help your agenda?
  • Reach out and encourage others to help fix America’s problems?

HINT: Wrong answers will condemn Republicans to powerlessness.