Senate President John Morse is set to be the first lawmaker in Colorado history to be recalled. This afternoon the Secretary of State’s office certified recall organizers had turned in sufficient valid signatures to go forward.

From the press release:

Denver, Colorado – Today Secretary of State Scott Gessler announced the petition to recall Senator John Morse (SD-11) was found sufficient as required by statute. A copy of the statement of sufficiency is attached.

On June 3, 2013, the proponents of the recall effort submitted 16,198 petition signatures to the Secretary of State. The Secretary of State’s office began an immediate line-by-line review of the signatures. The proponents were required to gather 7,178 valid signatures, equaling 25 percent of all the votes cast in the previous election for Senate District 11. The total number of valid signatures on the petition was 10,137.

Under Colorado law, there is a fifteen day protest period, during which any eligible elector can file a protest with the Secretary of State. Barring a successful protest, at the conclusion of the protest period, the Governor will be responsible for setting an election date. The election date will be held between 45-75 days from the end of the protest period.

What’s left to be determined is whether Morse will stand for the election, or resign to protect the seat for Democrats.

Either way, Morse loses or resigns, a signal will be sent across the nation to not infringe on Second Amendment rights.

UPDATE: John Morse’s lawyers are going full Clinton on their attack on the recall.


This is nothing but weak, technical jib-jab of a dead-in-the-water douche canoe who has no leg to stand on. When splitting hairs about what “is is” is your best chance at keeping the 3rd highest ranking job in all of state government, you know you are a Senator who really crapped on the voters.

We just said “is” 3 times in a row. Now we will say “John Morse’s best argument for keeping his job is weak” three times in a row.

John Morse’s best argument for keeping his job is weak.

John Morse’s best argument for keeping his job is weak.

John Morse’s best argument for keeping his job is weak.

UPDATE 2: Morse’s Republican counterpart in the Senate, Senate Minority Leader Bill Cadman, slams the Senate President’s record in a fundraising email sent shortly after news broke of the recall certification:

This year, John Morse was the architect of billions of dollars in utility rate increases, outrageous gun control proposals and he is working with Michael Bloomberg and other extreme liberals to further erode our freedoms.

In fact, it was the extreme element of the Democrats that elected him President of the Senate. Now he has prioritized the agenda of these liberal elitists over his own district. It’s time for John Morse to come home.