We suppose it should come as no surprise that the TBD Governor, Colorado Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper, hasn’t filed his 2014 paperwork yet to run for a second term of Governor.  After all, he’s not one for making a decision of any kind (see here, here, and here).  And, let’s be honest, his run as Governor hasn’t exactly been delightful.  His own caucus has forced him far, far to the left when he would rather pretend he’s governing from the middle.  Then, his stances (or lackthereof) on gun issues have rankled a wide swath of Coloradans. Of course, then, there’s the disastrous Dunlap non-decision.  Is Hick finally throwing in the towel?

Just last week, he told KOA‘s Mike Rosen that he needed “less grief and more sleep”. Sorry, buddy, that’s part of the terrain when you’re the highest elected official in the State of Colorado.

Another sign of campaign squishiness?  His staff and administration are bailing.

Rumor had it that former Secretary of the Interior and fellow Democrat, Ken Salazar, had his eye on a gubernatorial run, but was instructed to stand down.  Is Hick just waiting to see what Salazar is doing before he fully commits?

More likely, this is just another example of Hick’s refusal to take a strong stance on anything – including his own future.  After all, he tried to kick off his finance committee, but ooops (!), he held a swanky fundraiser the same night as Colorado was decimated by the Black Forest Fire.

Several viable Republican candidates have tossed their hat into the ring for the 2014 Governor’s race, including Sen. Greg Brophy just yesterday.  But, which Democrat will they run against?  Looks like it could truly be TBD.