UPDATE: Earlier today, we reported that the Denver Post was questioning Hick’s moderate creds.  Subsequently, the Denver Post literally questioned its readers as to whether they thought Hick was a moderate.  Here are the results as of about 5:30 p.m. today.

In every Colorado coffee shop this morning, you may have seen the front page of this morning’s Denver Post.  If you missed it, you’ll find a graphic outlining Hick’s less-than-moderate stance on top state-level issues. (see picture)

The Post examined the issues of the death penalty, gun control, the billion dollar tax increase, green energy, oil and gas, and labor.

On many of these topics, Hick has veered left, which has increased criticism of the TBD Governor.  The Governor told the Post that even his base has been critical:

“I’ve been working my way through my strongest supporters for 2010.  They’re very blunt in their criticism. It’s not like they’re pulling any punches.”

Former Colorado Democratic chairman Floyd Ciruli summed up the issue in National Journal:

“The most recent legislative session in Colorado was the most liberal I’ve seen in decades,” said Democrat-turned-independent pollster Floyd Ciruli of Denver. “Colorado is not New York, so of course there is going to be a reaction. I don’t know if the governor is endangered, but he’s dealing with a narrative of a Democratic Party that went too far.”

This should come as no surprise to Capitol watchers who saw Hick cave to left leaning special interests all session long.  By alienating his base, alienating the right, alienating the left, just who is left in Hick’s corner?  Even the Post seems to be questioning its position.