Pueblo voters for a day?

An explosive story by Valerie Richardson in The Colorado Observer yesterday has created some serious concerns about the integrity of the upcoming recall elections of Senate President John Morse and Senator Angela Giron.

Due to a bill sponsored by Senator Giron herself, HB1303, voters no longer have to be residents of the district they vote in…they only have to have the intention of someday becoming residents.

The recall races are the first elections the bill will impact.

Per Valerie Richardson:

DENVER—Let’s say you live in Boulder, but you really want to vote in the Sept. 10 recall election of Senate President John Morse in Colorado Springs.

Impossible? Under Colorado’s new election law, maybe not. Just show up at a Voter Service and Polling Center in Colorado Springs on or before Election Day, and tell the staffers that you intend to move to Morse’s Senate District 11.

As long as you’ve lived somewhere in Colorado for the past 22 days—even if you don’t actually live in the district—there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to cast a ballot, said Douglas County Clerk and Recorder Jack Arrowsmith.

Under the newly passed Voter Access and Modernized Elections Act, “the only residency requirement for voters is that they have to live anywhere in Colorado for the last 22 days,” said Arrowsmith, now serving his seventh year as county clerk. “It poses some interesting questions.”

What’s more, even if you never move to Senate District 11, you haven’t actually committed a crime under the new law, as long as you vote only once per election, he said.

As recall elections tend to be very low-turnout affairs, any sort of electoral shenanigans could have an outsized impact on the races.

Unfortunately, this past legislative session was filled with sloppily written legislation, from the gun bills to this election reform monstrosity.

Governor Hickenlooper was infamously forced to add an unprecedented signing statement to a number of gun bills, as the language in the bills was so poorly drafted the magazine ban could have ended up banning virtually all ammunition magazines.

Was HB1303 another incident of lazy and incompetent legislating or did Democrats open the door wide on election fraud?