Yesterday, Roll Call published a list of 10 U.S. House GOP up-and-comers who are on the short list to be Speaker of the House.  Colorado’s Cory Gardner made that list.  Here’s what the publication said about him:

“Party leaders have been watching this sophomore from the start. Cory Gardner was picked to serve on the transition team tasked with shepherding in the new GOP majority, giving him an “in” with senior members before he was even sworn in. He cemented those relationships heading into this Congress, when he backed mainstream, establishment-endorsed candidates for leadership.

Sensing Gardner could be a team player, Republican leaders gave him a plum assignment on the Energy and Commerce Committee. Unlike more rabble-rousing members of the 2010 class, Gardner has opted to brand himself as a staunch conservative who is still able to work well with others.”

Congratulations Cory!