Denver Post editorial board editor Vincent Carroll annihilated Obamacare con man Congressman Jared Polis in a column today.

In the column, Carroll hits Polis for his “melodramatic overstatement,” “conflating drilling and fracking,” and “rhetoric [that]…has too often been the sort you hear from the most strident drilling opponents.”

Noteworthy in Carroll’s conversation with Polis is the Congressman’s attempt to backpedal from the strident positions he took with more liberal audiences.

And it’s not only with Carroll that Polis is trying to shift his stance with.

Numerous sources emailed the Peak this morning saying that Polis dropped by an oil and gas industry event in Denver, hat in hand, tail between his legs, begging the indulgence of the same industry that “fracked” him.

Could it be that Polis had a change of heart? Someone better tell Pete Maysmith.

Or is Polis trying to have it both ways, pandering to the fracking lunatics in public while making nice in one of John Hickenlooper’s back rooms?

The second scenario seems possible. This is the guy that, at the end of the day, is making big bucks off of the same industry he publicly claims to fracking hate.