During Governor Hickenlooper’s monthly interview with 850KOA’s Mike Rosen last week, Hick made an interesting observation. When discussing the rising tide of rural anger over his party’s “most liberal ever” legislative session, Hickenlooper pledged to work towards a “more balanced approach” next session.

Implicit in that admission is that the Democrat-controlled legislature was too extreme for Colorado last session.

Roll the tape:


“There are enough people that feel that their views and their opinions aren’t being considered that I think that’s a serious problem and I take it very seriously. And you have my commitment that I will, you know, work especially hard this next session to try and make sure that we have a more balanced approach to all Colorado.”

It’s an odd admission for Hickenlooper to make considering he didn’t veto a single bill all session. A reporter might follow up and ask him: “Governor Hickenlooper, if last legislative session wasn’t “balanced” for all Colorado, then why did you sign every single bill that hit your desk?