The campaign that is seeking to raise income taxes by a billion dollars a year spent $777,000 on a Washington, DC-based firm that was only able to garner a 56% validity rate for the signatures they gathered.

According to Ed News Colorado, the latest campaign finance reports show the group Colorado Commits to Kids has now spent at least $777,894 with the DC firm Fieldworks. Last month, when the group turned in signatures gathered by Fieldworks, a 5% random sample was reviewed by the Secretary of State’s office, which found a pathetic 56% validity rate for the signatures.

If that validity rate stays constant across all the signatures turned in, that means Colorado Commits to Kids spent over $330,000 on invalid signatures.

Bang up job, Curtis Hubbard.

As a brief reminder, the signature gathering operation run by three Pueblo plumbers in the recall of Senator Angela Giron had a 94% validity rate, and unlike Hubbard’s group, they couldn’t collect signatures statewide. (And the Pueblo recall signature gathering operation was 100% volunteers)

UPDATE: After a line-by-line review of all the signatures gathered by Fieldworks and Colorado Commits to Kids, the Secretary of State’s office finds a truly awful 54% validity rate: