For the third month this year, Colorado has made the cover of the official journal of the National Rifle Association, America’s First Freedom.  This time, the magazine cover features the architects of the Pueblo recall effort, activists Joseph Santoro, Ernest Mascarenas, James Brown, Victor Head, and Adam Head.

The magazine highlighted the grassroots’ role in the Colorado recall efforts:

“From these modest beginnings, an army of working-class volunteers were soon circulating recall petitions and manning tables at gun shows.  In a classic David vs. Goliath scenario, they faced down an onslaught of money and misinformation from New York City Mayor Bloomberg and other out-of-state gun control activists (Bloomberg alone matched NRA’s monetary support).  Reports indicate that anti-recall efforts outspent recall supporters by a whopping 8-1 margin.  But, in the end, the dedication of local volunteers trumped outside activism.”