This was a bad year to be a Democrat.  That’s why it was funny to read the Colorado Senate Democrats’ #yearinreview tweets that seemed to ignore the realities of 2013.  Here’s just one example:

Careful, Democrats, don’t break your arms trying to pat yourselves on the back.  This bill, H.B. 1303, was so “great” that even now-Hick campaigner, then-head of The Denver Post ed board Curtis Hubbard heaped on criticism:

“We have concerns, however, about the bill’s move to same-day voter registration. We worry the bill mandates a timeline that is too aggressive, particularly since it relies on technology that hasn’t been tested.”

Let us help recap 2013 for the Senate Democrats: you and your caucus overreached in the legislature and implemented legislation meant to control the lives of Coloradans.  Colorado didn’t take too well to it.  Coloradans recalled two Democratic state senators.  A third quit under the threat of recall.  Democratic elected officials took massive hits in the polls.  All the while, Democrats lit an $11 million pile of cash on fire with Amendment 66.  Are Senate Dems planning to tweet about any of that or is this a blatant attempt to recast 2013?  In their defense, as bad as this year was for them, we could hardly blame them.