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The division between rural Colorado and the Dome has come under national spotlight as The Daily Caller highlighted the formation of the bipartisan Rural Caucus.  The caucus should rise in prominence especially in light of last week’s attempt to lower the rural renewable electricity mandate was voted down by Democrats along party lines in their “Kill” committee last week.

Oddly enough, had the bill proceeded to its natural committee, the Agriculture, Natural Resources, and ENERGY Committee, there is a good chance it would have come to floor as Lois Tochtrop, the chair of that committee, went against her party last year and voted with Republicans to block the odious measure.

Democrats have used the panel Governor John Hickenlooper formed to look into the law as cover and justification for the renewable energy mandate.  What they leave out is that the committee was doomed to failure.  Commonsense solutions were sacrificed as soon as it was decided the panel must reach consensus rather than a simple majority on any recommendations they would put forth.  One Denver lefty environmentalist on the panel who doesn’t give a damn about rural Colorado would have the ability to block any commonsense reforms reached by the panel.

This is quite evident as the panel does agree that without purchasing renewable energy credits from an outside source, it would be impossible for them to reach the mandated target of 20% energy from renewable resources.  Which, apparently, Democrats are a-okay with.

As The Daily Caller reports:

“Colorado’s rural lawmakers, both Democrats and Republicans, are forming their own minority caucus to ensure that the concerns of those who live outside the city centers stand a better chance of being represented.”

Frankly, this can come soon enough, as Democrats look to turn rural Coloradans into serfs for their overlords in Denver.