You know what’s hilarious? Threats of violence against public officials.  Actually, it’s not.  We condemned it against state Rep. Andy Kerr, we condemned it against Secretary of State Scott Gessler.  And, now, we’re condemning the not-so-veiled threats by the Jefferson County School District Parent Teacher Association members against the reform-minded Jefferson County School Board.  It’s wrong.  Stop doing it.

Yesterday, WatchDogWire published Tweets from the Jeffco PTA that were just kind of smarmy.  In case this is too inside baseball for you, Michele Patterson is the president of the Jeffco PTA and Shawna Fritzler is the vice president.  See the picture below.  These tweets were sent as the two women sat in a Jeffco School Board meeting.

Sheila Atwell, head of Jeffco Students First, summed it up nicely in the WatchDogWire article:

“I find it offensive that leaders of our JeffCo Parent Teachers’ Association would publicly joke about learning to shoot in context of being frustrated with a school board member, given the history our school district has had.”

It is offensive. It’s inappropriate. It’s a terrible example for kids.  Just stop.