This week, the Colorado State House will debate the budget.  While we’re sure there are more ridiculous things included, we can’t help but highlight this line item – a $5 million increase in subsidies for the film industry through the Governor’s “The Office of Film” [must be read in a dramatic voice].

The future Oscar-nominated film trailer below is an example of the incredible work that has come out of this office.  The film is called “Dinonauts” and it combines the previously-thought unrelated topics of dinosaurs, astronauts, and “Soul Train”.  The tagline for this masterpiece is “The future is prehistoric”.  We would guess this film was developed post-Amendment 64.  Out on a limb here….  But, what we wouldn’t guess is that this film received $64,000 in film subsidies.

In case you were wondering which part of Colorado this cartoon was filmed in (we were), that’s not how it works. The films have to commit to hiring Colorado staff to qualify for subsidies.  Also, in case you were wondering how these films are selected – #merit. From the Governor’s office:

Colorado has limited funding for this program and projects will be selected based on the merits set forth in their application and not on a “first come first served” basis.

Don’t worry.  There were other projects that also received funds recently:

  • Fast and Furious 7 $700,000
  • Dear Eleanor $321,359
  • Beg the Devil $600,000
  • Universal Sports $497,821
  • Prospectors $345,119
  • Discovery Communications $452,215
  • Clean Guys Entertainment $49,600
  • Gartner $67,501
  • Park Pictures $120,174
  • Colorado Experience $122,753
  • The Frame $76,000
  • Dinonauts $64,000

Of course, while the Democrats are funding “Dinonauts”, the GOP’s ideas for spending this money include K-12 education, roads, and capital construction projects.  But, hey, both ideas seem equally credible.  Right?  Bueller?  Bueller?