Durango Herald reporter Joe Hanel has left his journalism gig for (wait for it) a left-wing think tank position with the Colorado Health Institute.  Hanel’s flight to more liberal pastures makes him one of a handful of reporters in the past few years to leave his or her gig for a job with a left-leaning organization. Here’s what Hanel said about his departure:

I’m going to be a writer and designer at the Colorado Health Institute, a data and number-crunching think tank. My reasons for leaving newspapers are purely economic. I turned 40 this year and I’ve had to admit to myself that there’s no way I’ll be able to retire from this industry.

We applaud Hanel and congratulate him on his move; however, we’d be remiss if we didn’t at least acknowledge that he covered Obamacare and Connect for Health Colorado, the Colorado health exchange, for the Durango Herald.  With its partnerships with the Colorado Health Foundation and other lefty organizations, it’s pretty clear that the Colorado Health Institute is advocating for the success of Obamacare.

As we asked with Michael Booth – is this another Curtis Hubbard situation, again, where a Denver Post reporter provides his or her new employer cover until he or she finally leaves to officially advocate for the organization as a spokesperson? To recap, here’s who has left the world of journalism for leftier, greener pastures:

  • Curtis Hubbard left The Denver Post to work for OnSight Public Affairs, which runs most of the left’s campaigns and issue committees, including the Colorado health exchange.
  • Michael Booth (healthcare reporter) left The Denver Post to work for the Colorado Health Foundation, which funded those idiotic Brosurance ads. No conflict there!
  • George Merritt left The Denver Post to work for OnSight as well.

We wish Hanel luck and much success, we just hope he recused himself from reporting on Obamacare as he was auditioning for his new role.