Photo credit: Lynn Bartels’ Facebook page

National political rag, Politico, has acknowledged what we’ve known for some time – The Denver Post‘s political reporter, Lynn Bartels, is the grand dame of Colorado politics.  Politico named a few local media stars who are covering top races across the country.  Here’s what the publication said about Bartels:

“‘She works her sources almost every waking hour,’ Bartels’ editor, Chuck Plunkett, said. ‘She’s just hungry for knowing what’s going on in Colorado politics.’

Between the focus on energy issues and the Senate race ripe for a Republican pickup, the national media is ‘parachuting in’ Bartels said, putting a spotlight on the race. But Bartels still has her handle on the contest: She was the first to break the news that Gardner would run.”

Politico also named Fox31‘s Eli Stokols and CBS4‘s Shaun Boyd as reporters to watch.  Reporters named in other states include: Alaska’s Lisa Demer of the Anchorage Daily News, North Carolina’s John Frank of the Raleigh News & Observer, and Louisiana’s Jeremy Alford and the late John Maginnis of